Who Are We?

Hi all if you’re reading this thank you for taking the time to check out CorrellTech LLC and this website. I am the owner and currently only employee, Correll French. A little bit of background on the company: CorrellTech was the name of my mother’s company over a decade ago before she was hired by another company but retained the rights to the name and sold them to me. We both like CorrellTech as the company name because Correll is a family name dating back to my 4x Great Grandfather who I grew up hearing stories of. Correll Tiffany French took in my 2x Great Grandfather and his siblings when they were living outside and saved them from starvation and took care of others in a similar manner. In the same style of selflessness as my 4x Great Grandfather, I want this company to do good by others beyond just doing good business. With our clients, we will strive to give friendly service that makes our clients feel special like one of the family and beyond service will be charitable work for the community at large in whatever forms will come. I am fresh out of grad school having completed my Master’s of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship and now I want to give back to and work for the community that helped me grow. For now, that will be in the form of drone and camera photography and videography, but we will see where it goes from there. Feel free to check back and join us on this journey.

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